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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  October 7, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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advertising piano lessons for young children. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. 58-year-old charles dillon was arrested yesterday. police say he set up a website called piano dreams studio. he failed to notify authorities about that. jane watrel is in springfield with more. >> reporter: it was a citizen's call that led to the arrest. it was a call to a fairfax county detective. under virginia law registered sex offenders must register every move they make on the internet. this youtube video shows charles dwayne dillon playing a favorite song. the registered sex offender also gives piano lessons out of his fairfax county home to children ages 4 on up, which he outlines in great detail on his website, piano dream the trouble is dillon never told state and local authorities
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about his internet business venture and was arrested tuesday for failing to do so. >> virginia code requires that anyone who has such registered has to notify authorities within 30 minutes of making any change of their profile online. >> reporter: news 4 has learned that dillon's website is nearly six years old and wanted to ask the west springfield piano teacher why he failed to register it with authorities in 2003. so we went to his home. >> i'm jane watrel from channel 4 doing a story today. >> sorry. i can't talk to you. >> reporter: okay. thank you. it was 1998 when dillon, then a prince william county piano teacher, was sentenced to 27 months at federal prison for possessing more than two dozen computer images of child pornography. some involved children as young as 3. >> he approached us to ask one of our daughters to see if one of our daughters wanted to do piano with him. and we kind of blew him off. >> reporter: one neighbor we talked to said she was well
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aware of dillon's past history and his piano website. and noticed the spelling of dillon's first name was different on the website than his legal spelling. >> he was not using his name and all of that. we didn't know who to go to. we keep our kids, you know, pretty much on a leash, technically, and, you know, they know not to cross the street. they know not to talk to anybody on that side of the street. >> reporter: the charge, failing to registerinternet communication, is a class one misdemeanor which carries up to a year in jail and a $2500 fine. reporting live at fairfax county, i'm jane watrel. back to you, jim. >> thank you. windy out there today tan brought down some tes and caused power outages all over the d.c. area. a tree fell on the nebraska avenue near fort drive in northwest d.c. drivers had to maneuver around the mess. no one was injured there. the department of public works dispatched a crew to clean up
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the debris. it was really blowing for a while. it was, jim. and winds up to 45 miles an hour downtown. 44 at washington national. you can see the current winds now. things are settling down but we still have winds at 25, 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts and up into new york city right now it's still winds at 43 miles an hour. the wind advisory was taken down 12 minutes before it was to expire but in any event it's no longer over us but is still a wind advisory up and off new england. there are gale warnings up overnight tonight. the wind advisory just down now. the winds will continue to diminish and more sunshine ahead. i'll tell you what has been happening and why we have the strong winds. the outlook on the weekend, too, when i join you. >> thank you, bob. fairfax county health officials say they could start vaccinating some health care and emergency workers against the swine flu as early as tomorrow. the county received 1900 vaccines this week. the first in a series of expected shipments from the
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manufacturers. these doses are in the form of the mist that's inhaled through the nose. it uses a live virus so it cannot be given to pregnant women. health officials say they expect the injectable form of the vaccine to arrive in the next few weeks. >> our goal is to have h1n1 vaccine be distributed in the same way as the seasonal influenza vaccine. but because the vaccines are sort ofolling in at different stages, we don't expect everyone who signs up to be -- to have th vaccine at the same time. >> federal health officials say they're armed with another tool in the fight to prevent h1n1 from spreading. the government is out with new public service announcements about swine flu prevention. jay gray reports on that. >> on the table for me, cute stuff. >> reporter: like so many children across the country, little sante anthony is making a special trip to the doctor. >> children are great carriers
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of bugs and viruses. >> reporter: that's why kids are on the priority list for the new h1n1 vaccine. >> that's it. all done. >> reporter: of course the deadly virus is no laughing matter. it's been identified now in all 50 states and in some cases seems to be spreading faster than the vaccine. >> it's rolling off the production lines right now. a little bit ahead of schedule and that's good news. but it will take a while for it to be in great quantities and states. >> reporter: health officials stress there will be eventually enough for everyone but until then -- >> a flu season is just around the corner and the h1n1 flu is still with us. >> reporter: the department of health and human services has produced a series of public service announcements aimed at prevention. >> wash your hands often with soap and water. cough into your sleeve or a tissue. stay home if you're sick. >> reporter: with the concern and hype surrounding the new strain, doctors are also warning don't forget the very real
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dangers of seasonal flu. >> the flu is the flu. what we've had is over 600 deaths so far. >> reporter: which for many means a double dose when it comes to shots this year. unfortunately, this busy flu season is still far from over. jay gray, nbc news. st. vincent high school in laurel was closed today because of concerns about swine flu. about a hundred of the school's 500 students reported feeling ill and at least five have been diagnosed with the h1n1 virus. washington's archdiocese and the health department said today's closing was unnecessary but school administrators and some parents say was better to err on the side of caution. the building was disinfected today and classes will resume tomorrow. for the first time since the deadly metro crash back in june service on the red line has returned to normal. the crash happened between the
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fort totten and tacoma stations. nine people were killed and dozens injured. since the incident trains have been traveling at reduced speeds. metro tells us repairs have now been made and the trains are operating normally. two weeks ago the national transportation safety board revealed that a malfunctioning piece of equipment may have relayed to the striking train that the tracks ahead were clear when they were not. a local soldier was among eight killed in a firefight in afghanistan on saturday. specialist steven mace was from lovittsville, virginia assigned to the fourth brigade combat team from the fourth infantry division based at fort carson, colorado. mace and seven other members of his squadron were killed when taliban forces attacked their small outpost. specialist steven mace was 21 years old. news of his death comes eight years to the day after the war in afghanistan began. today president obama met with top advisors as they tried to
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devise a new strategy for that war. and while lawmakers on capitol hill can't agree on what's best in afgnistan many do agree that the current u.s. strategy is not working. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: in eastern afghanistan today, taliban forces like these claimed they raised their flags. the taliban not only killed eight u.s. soldiers in last weekend's firefight but drove coalition forces out of their region for now. it's a symbol of a setback the u.s. has suffered in the past eight years. just after 9/11 in 2001 u.s. forces were raining bombs on al qaeda camps and taliban forces. osama bin laden soon fled. so did taliban leadership. but the u.s.-backed government has proved weak and corrupt. and the taliban is back. for u.s. forces the war is deadlier than ever. 255 americans were killed in the first five years. 239 already killed this year
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alone. in part because the commitment of u.s. forces has increased so dratically from just over 1,000 in 2001 to 34,000 by 2008, 65,000 this year, and up to 100,000 next year. if the u.s. commander gets the new troops he wants. give general stan mcchrystal 40,000 more, say republicans. >> there has to be a surge. there has to be a significant increase in troops on the ground. >> reporter: many democrats disaee. >> the surge that we need is of afghan forces before we commit the additional american combat forces. >> reporter: president obama met again today with top advisors and he says he will not pull out but will redefine the u.s. mission in afghanistan, then decide if he'll send more troops. eight years into a war that is far from won. tonight the pentagon says it's official. president obama received that
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formal request for 40,000 more troops. he is expected to decide in the next few weeks. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. in afghanistan,he taliban marked the eighth anniversary by saying it has no plans to harm other countries but would continue fighting as long as america and its allies remain in that country. in iraq the u.s. military has handed over control of the last of its bases outside sumara. american soldiers packed up their gear and pulled out as part of the security pact which requires all u.s. troops to leave iraq by the end of 2011. that city is billed as a reconciliation success story though some people are worried that barriers and checkpoints will encourage divisions. the reconstruction of the famous shiite shrine is going into its final phase now. that shrine was damaged in a blast blamed on sunni insurgents three years ago. today with a steep decline in violence the shiite dominated
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government points to sumara and its peaceful streets as an example of what is possible. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, 12 years after a young woman was murdered in the district police have released never before seen video of the suspect. alarming new statistics today regarding the number of children in the u.s. exposed to violence within the last year. >> protestors battle police on the streets of turkey today. we'll tell you about that. the host of a tv crime show accused of ordering murders in order to boost his ratings. now he's missing. lindsay, what's ahead in sports? >> the capitals come up just short in overtime. also playoff fever in baseball and the phillies rock colorado. also, redskins new consultant sherman lewis already at practice. hear from him and coach zor
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there are alarming numbers today from the justice department on the problem of youth violence in the u.s. today two white house cabinet officials were in chicago to talk about that. their visit comes two weeks after a 16-year-old honor student was beaten to death in a brutal act of violence there. leann gregg has our report. >> reporter: children harming children. an epidemic brought to the forefront in chicago two weeks ago when this chilling video was captured on a cell phone. 16-year-old honor student derrion albert on his way home from school was stomped and
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beaten with 2 x 4s until he died. hundreds of mourners attended his funeral. >> this was the hardest thing to see another baby laying in a casket. it has to stop. >> reporter: in response u.s. attorney general eric holder and education secretary arne duncan traveled to chicago to meet with leaders. a new justice department report released today says more than 60% of children were exposed to violence in the last year. >> chicago is not unique. four students have been shot in tulsa, oklahoma already this year. philadelphia, seattle, miami, new orleans. and many rural communities have also lost school children to violence i recent weeks. >> reporter: they announced emergency grants to restore the learning environment at finger high school where albert was a student but admitted money alone can't fix the problem. they are asking every community to discuss how to stop violence from after school activities to parenting programs and adult
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mentoring. it'sifficult to show love when you've never been loved. it's difficult to build a positive future when you don't think you'll live past the age of 18. we simply cannot stand for an epidemic of violence that robs our youth of their childhood. >> reporter: something painfully known in this community and many others. leann gregg, nbc news. >> secretary dcan is the former head of the chicago schools and helped implement an ambitious plan to improve education there. a plan included closing schools and transferring students outside the neighborhoods. some people say those changes have contributed to a surge of violence in that school district. a third attempt by republicans to out of democratic congressman charles rangel as chairman of the ways and means committee failed today despite the expected defeat the gop did keep the spotlight on the new york democrat's ethical problems. however, the matter will be turned over to the house ethics committee for a long-term investigation. the congressman is accused of failing to pay taxes on
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investment income and neglecting to report assets and income on his congressional financial disclosure forms. the ways and means committee is in charge of writing congress's tax laws. an under whelming day on wall street as the market closed with mixed results. after two days of gains stock prices were relatively flat as the key averages failed to rally. the dow fell about five points and ended the day at 9726. the nasdaq was up about six points. it closed the day at 2110. the s&p 500 was also flat and gained only three points and closed at 1058. protests turned violent for a second straight day in turkey. the protests come during the annual meetings of the international monetary fund and the world bank in istanbul. dozens of masked protestors threw molotov cocktails at several banks and targeted police, throwing things at police cars. police used a water cannon to try to get demonstrators out of the area.
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25 protestors were taken into custody. the host of the reality tv crime show is accused of ordering hits on people in order to boost the show's ratings. and now sousa is missing. he turned up missing after a warrant was issued for his arrest on monday. he is a former policeman and politician as well. he was expelled from brazil's police force. before he turned up missing he had denied doing anything wrong. still coming up on the broadcast the u.s. supreme court today heard the case of whether religious symbols such as a cross can be legally displayed on public land. we'll tell you about a giant ring around the planet saturn. it's never been seen by human eyes before. we'll get another check on our weather from bob. stay with us.
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our customers go from fashionistas... to maxxinistas! tj maxx. scientists with nasa have discovered a giant ring around the planet saturn. it's a ring that's never before been seen by human eyes. nasa's jet propulsion laboratory released an artist's rendering of the ring late last night. it consists of a thin array of ice and dust particles at the far reaches of saturn's system. it has never been seen before because it doesn't reflect much visible light. however, an infrared telescope
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was able to detect it. the ring is so huge nasa scientists say it would take 1 billion ergts arths to fill it. that's large. the spitzer telescope is 66 million miles away from earth. it has been in orbit now for six years. that's fascinating. >> it is. and amazing to think how much stuff we just still don't know yet. >> it's boundless. >> learning every day. >> true. >> when i was growing up, i had a little telescope and i could see the moons of jupiter. look at this stuff. >> telescope in space. sending back information. >> very cool. wild day out there today. >> it was. >> my goodness. >> started with a few sprinkles and then the mid part of the day, boy, it has been -- the winds in many spots 45, 50 miles an hour. power outages. much quieter day tomorrow for all of us. our temperature, our high temperature here was one of the most unusualhings in october. usually we get winds and it
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means cold air coming in especially with winds such as today. our temperature got up to 75 degrees. we've be overall in a dry period, too. those leaves really, unfortunately, beginning to fall as much as anything because our rainfall since way back in the summer time more than five inches below average. we still have winds gusting to 32 miles an hour here from the northwest. those temperatures will dip. the winds will be diminishing. here's why we had all of that wind. remember last night i talked about the storm that was none wisconsin. early this morng it was up around the great lakes and it was moving along. it's covered a thousand miles in 24 hours. that's faster than vance can move across the country in his harley almost. and behind it and the reason it's been moving so fast, those strong winds dragging along a lot of the atmosphere and that was the result of the winds over us. still up to 30 miles an hour. look at new york city. winds still 40 miles an hour and
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our temperature, though, only 66 degre degrees. it has been warm and humid at the same time. down in the southeast the wind advisories are still up around new york city, much of pennsylvania, and gale warnings off the coast of new england overnight tonight. behind it also unusual, there's been not even a sprinkle or a shower. a few late last night early this morning, the showers and the rain showers such as they are up into new york state, closer to that storm system, which is now in far northern maine. there you can see some rain showers moving into saratoga springs. look at northeast philadelphia. they had winds of 50, over 50 miles an hour. mount washington, new hampshire, as that storm has been roaring by, the winds there gusted to about 90 miles an hour. that's 5,000 feet up and it's been breezy also at ocean city. out in the atlantic in ocean city you heard about yet another strange tropical storm that's formed.
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that's henri now falling apart, the circulation away from it. another one of those storms, probably if we had satellites -- hadn't had satellites years ago it wouldn't be detected especially in october. it won't do anything to any of the land areas or islands. overnight tonight, high pressure comes in and replaces that strong storm that will be up into the canadian marates and as it does the winds tomorrow will be quite light. really a very, very delightful october day. behind it, some moisture beginning to come but as so often happened a lot of that spreading to our north. the same time we've been rather dry and there are flood watches out once again for more rain the mid part of the country this weekend. it will be a great weekend to head to the high spots out in the appalachians, alleghenys, nice color for this weekend. still a bit breezy to windy for the evening hours. skies clear, though. after 8:00 or 9:00 the winds begin to really diminish. tomorrow morning with light winds you'll notice a chilly morning. temperatures in the mid 40s in the suburbs. low 50s in town. tomorrow a beautiful, sunny day.
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temperatures tomorrow will be reaching into the 70s, the low 70s. then as we get into friday a few clouds coming in and might be a passing shower as we get into early saturday. a few clouds around saturday. right now sunday looks fine. and next week, we'll be seeing i think a change in the pattern. not any real wet weather coming but some mighty chilly weather in the 40s. >> oh, my. >> even in washington low 40s by the middle of next week probably. >> this wind hasn't blown all the leaves down? >> no it has not. >> but a substantial number? >> yeah. hasn't been too kind, either. >> thank you, bob. coming up tonight the d.c. police have released new video of a suspect in the murder of a young woman that happened 12 years ago. >> d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee today talked about why fired teach haersd to leave their jobs immediately. the supreme court today will decide if a world war i memorial featuring a cross is actually a government endorsement of religion. and a new discovery may solve the mystery of england's
6:27 pm
famous stone hen nlg. coming in sports the redskins' new consultant arrives at redskins park. also the capitals alexander ovechkin does his best against the flyers. is it good enough? and the defending world series champs begin their push for a repeat as news 4 at 6:00 co
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>>we take a look at some of the stories making headlines tonight. >> a convicted sex offender has been arrested for advertising his piano teaching service on the internet. 58-year-old charles dwayne dillon was taken into custody yesterday convicted sex offenders are supposed to alert authorities when there's a change to their online profile. investigators say dillon did not tell them about his internet
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venture. >> we've got details on the first doses of swine flu vaccine in our area. health care workers in the district in fairfax county are getting the first doses this week. the nasal spray form of the vaccine will be available to health care workers and children in montgomery county on friday. a local soldier was among eight americans killed in a firefight in afghanistan on saturday. specialist steven mace was from lovittsville, virginia assigned to the fourth infantry division based at fort carson, colorado. he and seven other members of his squadron were killed when taliban forces attacked their small outpost. specialist steven mace was 21 years old. coming up in this half hour of news 4 at 6:00, d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee is explaining why more than 200 teachers fired last week had to leave their schools immediately. we'll report on a new discovery that's shedding new light on the purpose of england's stone henge and will tell you about dinosaur foot prints believed to be 50
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million years old. police in the district are hoping some never before seen video might provide an important clue in a high profile murder case. back in 1997, sharon moskowitz was killed in her home in d.c. after she walked in on a burglary. pat collins has our report. >> reporter: police are hing this newly discovered picture of this mystery woman taken by security cameras at this grocery store in northwest will help them solve a 12-year-old high profile murder case. january 21st, 1997, 26-year-old sharon moskowitz found dead inside this home on biltmore street. sharon moskowitz, a graduate from connecticut, a japanese studies expert, she had only lived in our city for a few weeks before this happened. on the day this happened, sharon
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felt ill. she called in sick. she went to a health food store, got some tea and herbs and came back to biltmore street to rest up. as she walked to the door of that house, they say she was jumped. she was bound. she was murdered. she was robbed. i remember talking to her father on the phone shortly after the murder. >> she was a person who never looked at your color, never looked if you were fat, never looked if you were skinny, never looked at anything. she only looked at you as a person. >> 12 years, seven months, 15 days ago. >> reporter: that's commander rodney parks. he's in charge of all the detectives now. but as a homicide lieutenant, he was at that biltmore scene that day. and he hasn't forgotten what happened. >> this is personal for you? >> it is as personal as any
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unsolved case that we have. >> reporter: after the murder, the killer took sharon's credit card. they went on a buying spree throughout the area. he would stand outside stores and offer to buy things for people and put them on that stolen credit card for a reduced cash payment that he would then put in his pocket. they caught him on security camera in maryland. he was wearing this hooded sweatshirt with the name "pit" on the front of it. now, after all these years, enhanced security taperom this giant food store on "o" street shows the "pit" suspect man with a female acquaintance shopping for breakfast foods. it happened late at night on the day of the murder. police believe this woman lives around 8th and "o" and they believe she can provide important information to help them solve this case of murder. this murder that left sharon
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moskowitz' father with a broken heart. >> i think god gives out only so many of these type of personalities and he said, sharon, you already had your 26 years. got to give it to somebody else. >> reporter: i'm pat collins, news 4 washington. >> if you know the woman pictured in the story tonight, police ask that you call 202-727-9099. ask for detective tony brigadini. there is a $25,000 reward. a ruling this afternoon the case of a convicted cop killer who went to court to try to get his prison sentence changed. donovan strickland was given a life sentence for the murder of d.c. police officer oliver smith jr. 12 years ago. smith was killed outside his home in forest hill, maryland. last week strickland went to court to ask a judge for early parole. he cited a back room deal he says he made with the judge who heard his case at the time. that judge testified that there was no such deal and today
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another judge agreed. >> a plea agreement is a meeting of the minds between the defense counsel and the state's attorney. there was no such thing in this case. >> we thank god for the sentence that was the result of this particular case. by no means do we think this is the end. >> strickland is eligible for parole in 2010. security guards who used to protect d.c. public schools and other city buildings are asking the city council to help them get their last pay checks. the guards used to work for a company called hawk one. that company went out of business last week. the guards said when they went to the company's downtown offices to pick up their final pay checks, they were told they would not be paid. a few of the guards spoke to d.c. council members qwame brown and wells outside the wilson building this morning and brown promised to look into the
6:36 pm
matter. >> people come and work for us and protect us and make sure we're safe in this building and we get a check every two weeks. i get one direct deposited and the same people that smile at me and protect me and the workers here should also be paid. that's just fairness and what we should do. i'm hoping they'll release a statement and we'll continue to get to the bottom of this to assure it doesn't happen again. >> many of the former hawk one security guards said they're due at least two weeks' pay. the city hired two new companies to handle building security. d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee is responding to criticism about the decision to eliminate more than 200 teachers' jobs to close a budget gap. students have been holding rallies all week to protest those dismissals. many are angry because the teachers had to leave their classrooms immediately even though their actual termination doesn't take place for another month. rhee explained the decision this morning during an appearance on news 4 today. >> well, there are a number of reasons. first of all, what we want to do is minimize the disruption to the students and to the school
6:37 pm
program overall. and the second is actually for the benefit of the separated employees. we know that when something like this happens, you have a lot to get in order. you want to start looking for another job, etcetera. so we actually thought that after the announcement was made the way we could move forward in the smoothest way was to make sure they had this time. >> rhee also said the teachers were not escorted out of the schools by d.c. police officers as some have claimed. today the supreme court took up a controversial case involving a cross that stands on federal land in the mohave desert. the justices will decide whether the monument to fallen soldiers amounts to a government endorsement of religion. brian moore reports. >> reporter: the cross was placed in the mohave desert in 1934 to honor men who had fought and died in world war i. now it's at the center of a supreme court fight that could sharpen the first amendment's separation of church and state
6:38 pm
and affect religious symbols on any government land. >> if you have to tear down a cross in the middle of 1.6 million acres of desert, then what you do with the 24-foot tall cross of sacrifice in the arlington memorial cemetery? >> the case was filed by a former park service employee who happens to be catholic. >> that means that land belongs to everybody not just the believers in one faith. >> veterans fight and are honored under one flag. they are not honored under the religious symbol of one religion. >> reporter: four years ago a sharply divided court ruled some religious displays can be acceptable as long as they don't promote a single religious view. this court appears to have its own split. conservatives like justice samuel alito seem to believe congress side stepped the problem by deeding the memorial to a private owner. liberals seem to think congress tried to side step the courts declaring the cross a national memorial just like mount rushmore further complicated the question. but supporters say this memorial
6:39 pm
is about men not god. >> the veterans fought. they deserve it. whether it's a cross, a crescent, or a star of david, they should be honored. >> reporter: for now the mohave cross is hidden in a plywood box awaiting a court decision likely to make this memorial a constitutional landmark. brian moore, news 4. >> the high court appears to be split on this latest case. justice kennedy, who tends to be the swing vote here, he did not say anything during arguments today to indicate which way he's leaning. a new attraction at the capitol visitor center in the district. a bronze statue of helen keller was unveiledhis morning. keller, who was blind and deaf became known worldwide as an educator and advocate for the disabled. the statue shows keller as a 7-year-old girl at a water pump in alabama. coming up tonight some dinosaur footprints that date back as far as 50 million years have been discovered in france.
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good evening. bob ryan storm center 4. even with the winds there is still great color out there and this is how it looked just a few days ago. our friend dave, some geese taking off. another great picture from the high elevations, about 4,000 feet out there in the appalachians. paul sent me that of an old farm. isn't it nice? nice color. this will be the weekend for the high elevations of west virginia and also up in the adirondacks and white mountains, up there
6:43 pm
there will be some sunshine but also some clouds on saturday. meanwhile, heading out to school tomorrow morning, boy, it'll be chill anythe 40s to low 50s. temperatures tomorrow up to about 70 degrees. then quite warm on friday into the high 70s. that's that little weather front that may be around for a while on saturday morning. a slight chance for a few showers. sunday looks great. sunshine, temperatures in the 60s. next week a little chilly. back to you. >> thanks, bob. dinosaur experts over in eastern france have just authenticated the discovery of the largest dinosaur footprints ever found. they were discovered back in april. they are more than five feet wide in some places. that's a big critter. scientists say they were invented in the earth 50 million years ago. the footprints were found in a village near the french/swiss border. the village is already known for its wealth of jurrasaic fossils
6:44 pm
but this discovery is unique by virtue of the size of the prints and the length of the trail. scientists say the foot prints will help them understand a lot more about the long ago era in which dinosaurs walked our earth. historians are also learning more about stonehenge, the mysterious stone monument in southwest england which has puzzled researchers for generations now. now they say the mystery may be at least partially solved. evidence of a smaller, prehistoric circle of stones has been found nearby. that circle has been nick named blue henge because the rocks that once stood there were blue in color. researchers say the discovery may confirm the theory that stonehenge was part of a massive funeral complex. it is thought funeral processions may have begun at blue henge and ended in the burial grounds at stonehenge. >> sort of a scientific discovery theme going tonight. >> yes. it's all fascinating. >> it is. >> good stuff. what's coming up at 4:00?
6:45 pm
>> a scientific discovery for the redskinss, a new offensive consultant on the staff. we'll introduce him when we come up on sports. the rockies and phillies begin the baseball playoffs. the capitals involved in an overtime thriller up in philly as news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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say what you want. you bring in what's his name? >> sherman lewis. >> what is it? >> offensive consultant. >> another set of eyes for your offense or whatever and i'm supposed to be the head coach. i'm the offensive guy. i'm the caller and you want this
6:48 pm
dude to come in what, look over my shoulder? what do you want him to do? >> it would be like you anchoring and somebody coming in. >> see ya. wouldn't wanna-be ya. i'm outta here. >> the deal is everybody has an ego. yesterday no matter how you want to spin it no question jim zorn got a lesson in checking that at the door. the redskins decided to bring in a fresh pair of eyes to help zorn and the coaching staff determine what to do differently to increase production on offense. the idea was presented to zorn and sherman lewis today became part of the team. he has a very successfully history as consultant and will watch film and make suggestions but he is really here to observe so they say. sherman lewis won a super bowl as the offensive coordinator for the green bay packers. he coached in the nfl for 22 years. the new offensive consultant was at practice this afternoon and watched offense and also chat wed greg blache. the question, what does jim zorn think about another guy helping with his offense?
6:49 pm
>> it's not something thai was looking for initially. i wasn't saying, hey, vinny, you need to go out and find a guy for me but when the suggestion was made, i was open to it. i just want to make sure i don't have so much pride in having to have all the answers that somebody can't come in and look and see what i'm doing. he's not coaching. okay? he's just here to observe and he's here to see, you know, have a set of eyes. and he should look at things that maybe we don't see and that's really what i want from him. >> believe me, i had just gone to the gym yesterday and i was home having lunch and i was preparing to go to the senior center for bingo. i don't play it. i call it. i'm a bingo caller. and so, sure. as soon as they called, when i called vinny back and told him yes i'd ce in i had to go to the senior center and cancel my bingo calling. and i had to cancel my meals on
6:50 pm
wheels today. and i took off last night. >> so the question also is can you imagine sherman lewis and greg blache having a conversation together? because both those guys obviously are highly entertaining. sherman lewis, 67 years old, but the deal is he's not going to be calling plays. for now he'll sit in the press box during games observing. >> he'll call n 35! >> no, no. >> he calls it. doesn't play it. remember. he's in charge of the gifts. >> either way. >> as for the plars the overall tone is that they really don't know what to think to be honest but they are aware this is a positive addition. >> it doesn't mean that in our -- our coaches aren't doing a good job or are not capable. it just means they got someone in here, just bringing a fresh set of eyes or new ideas to some of the things we are doing offensively. so it doesn't mean anything big or anything out of the ordinary. it's just another set of eyes. >> an impact again because of
6:51 pm
some plays that he may have run and certainly the knowledge of the game. i think that's the biggest thing. not just coming in and saying we need to do this or do this b better or do that. but to be able to give advice about certain things. i think that's really the big thing. i could be wrong of course. i'm not in the meeting. i didn't hire him and bring him in but i know the wisdom he can bring and to the offense. >> the redskins will get the first batch of advice from sherman lewis as they prepare to face the panthers. i just thought of something interesting. for zorn and him having to handle and negotiate this situation which obviously is uncomfortable, not unlike jason campbell having to suffer through the thoughts of them bringing in or looking at jay cutler or another quarterback. kind of a parallel. it will be interesting to see. >> another bad move. >> another interesting thing for both gentlemen to think about. >> another bad move. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> could be. >> we'll move on to baseball. last night the minnesota twins
6:52 pm
played a phenomenal game. surprisingly they beat the tigers who became the first team in history to miss out on the playoffs after going up three games in a series with four left to go. the twins play the yankees tonight. meanwhile the phillies' new ace lived up to the hype. cliff lee dominated. let me take you back out to the field. take a look. i left school early with a fever. sounds good to meechlt ph. phillies fever. rips the pitch downtown right field line. the ball bounces around the corner and there jason worth would be hustling around the bases trying to make the most of that hit. he scores. easily. the phillies take the 1-0 lead on ibanez' rbi double. phillies up 3-0 at the plate. having a career year. the wind keeps the ball in the park. bounces off the top of the wall. ryan howard would take advantage. come around to score. worth ends up on third with a triple. he had two hits on the day starting off strong.
6:53 pm
ninth inning now, cliff lee going for the complete game. how good does it feel for him to start like this? strikes out the final batter. the phillies win 5-1 and take game one of the nlds. we know the capitals have no problems scoring goals. it's just that last night the philadelphia flyers did them one better in overtime. let me take you back up to philly. the guys starting a tough stretch of games against six straight playoff teams. second period, tied at three the caps can't clear the puck. the flyers get it to mike richards who by the way had a hat trick. he beat the opponent. the third goal of the game for richards. the flyers took a 4-3 lead. same score now in the third period. the capitals were on the power play. they've been doing so well on the power play so far. ovechkin shoots from just inside the blue line. nick backstrom to alexander. his second score of the game. he ties it up. just one mint left. timonen shoots, knocked down.
6:54 pm
danny is there to put in the game winner. the flyers win, 6-5 in o.t. the caps at home against the rangers tomorrow. >> you said something interesting a minute ago. >> what? >> you going to own up to it? >> everything i say is interesting. >> ooh! your overwhelming humility. that the redskins have yet to play anybody who's won a game. >> yes. >> even when they play the giants and lost. giants hadn't won yet. >> that was their big opportunity with the giants and they're 2-2 to show for it. so that in my opinion is why the panthers are going to be a very dangerous game for the redskins because also the panthers are coming off a bye week and jake throws a bunch of picks but he also can really throw the ball. >> and we're underdogs. >> exactly. which is shocking. the redskins are underdogs. >> but we have new help this week so it'll be different. >> new eyes. >> thanks, lindsay. coming up on news 4 we'll tell you about an elaborate funeral being planned for author
6:55 pm
edgar allen
6:56 pm
coming up in our broadcast at 11:00 tonight a dispute over hot lanes in northern virginia begins to get ugly and two county executives are in the middle of it all. david letterman has generated laughs at the expense of cheating politicians so we'll take a look into what people like mark sanford are now saying about letterman. there is a question of
6:57 pm
whether a birth control pill can affect the types of men that -- to which women are attracted. that'll be interesting at 11:00. oday would have been edgar allen po's 200th birthday. some years after his birth po moved to baltimore and gained fame as a poet and mystery writer. now baltimore is honoring po's legacy with a funeral service. >> reporter: po was just 40 years old when he was found lying in the street outside of a tavern in baltimore. he was taken to church home hospital where he died a f days later. >> when po died only seven people attended his funeral. we are expecting over 700 people this coming sunday to attend the services honoring po. >> reporter: po, who would become one of the most celebrated writers of that generation, lived in poverty, a writer and poet, his fame came after he died. >> when he sat down and picked up that pen, he created works of
6:58 pm
art. so he was a genius but his personal life wasn't very happy. >> reporter: now in honor of his 200th birthday, a proper funeral for po will be held sunday. in this very life like mannequin of the poet is lying in state at his house on amity street. >> when people come to the po house today, they will see edgar allen po in his coffin. when i first saw him i got goose bumps and even now when i go into the viewing room, it just feels a little creepy seeing his body if that casket. >> reporter: today some of his loyal fans came to pay their respects. >> it was a sad thing for the terary world but no one realized that at the time. now of course they do. so it's time. >> reporter: people from around the world know edgar allen po. we have people coming from vietnam to attend his funeral. vietnam finally, on sunday, a proper funeral for edgar allen
6:59 pm
po. >> he looked so real. that was wbal's rob roblin reporting. we'll see you at 11:00. ha a good evening.